Camilla R. Nicolaisen is an artist from Lofoten Islands (NO), who currently has a studio at Kysten Troms Fylkeskultursenter. She is a member of artistic groups such as Queer Ecologies and Tromsø Open. She is also the co-founder of Tromsø’s Open Out Festival, an annual art festival with a focus on queer perspectives. 
Her artistic practice involves ceramic structures, sound art, herbal remedies, drawings and installations with natural materials. Her work points out to the necessity of going beyond the dichotomy of nature vs. culture, and enquires into how habitual knowledge can make its way back into the globalized world. More generally, Nicolaisen challenges dominant narratives linked to colonization, gender norms and consumerism. Her main interest these days is herbal remedy usage and the traditions connected to it. But also, the various symbiotic relationships with which our species is involved to ensue survival.
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